26/11/2018 17:04
(This Terms and Conditions takes effective from 23 November 2018)

1.    The “Special Offer Buying Vinfast Klara Motor With Mastercard – Get 1500 ID Points” promotion (“Promotion”) shall be effective from 23 November 2018 to 31 December 2018 (“Promotion Period”). The program may end soon when the budget expires.
2.    Participants: Promotion is applicable for customers who meet all the following requirements (“Eligible Cardholders” or “Cardholders”):
     2.1    Cardholders who are holding the debit/credit cards issued by Mastercard:  
     2.2    Holding Adayroi membership accounts at website www.adayroi.com or Adayroi Application (“Adayroi”) has integrated VinID account
     2.3    Customers who registered to buy Klara Motor issued by Vinfast on Adayroi.
3.    Promotion details (“Offer”): 
    - Cashback 1,000 VinID points (equivalent VND 1 million) to the first 300 customers who order Klara Acid Lead and paying with Mastercard during the period
    - Cashback 1,500 points of VinID (equivalent VND 1.5 million) for the first 300 customers who ordered Klara Lithium and paying with Mastercard during the period
    - The program is applied same time with the form of 0% installments payment for affiliate bank (HSBC, Citi, Standard Chartered, VPBank, VIB, Sacombank, SCB, Techcombank, Shinhan Bank, OCB)
      * Note:  A valid order contains only 01 product
   - Each MasterCard / Adayroi account / VinID card can get a maximum of 1,500 VinID points throughout the program.
   - Not apply for canceled / changed orders
   - Retail-only program, Adayroi can refuse customers who buy in large quantities, have evidence to resell.
   - Not apply same time with Vingroup employee promotion program.
4.    How to buy Vinfast Klara Motor by Mastercard:
       Step 1: Log in to the Adayroi account associated with your VinID account
       Step 2: Choose Vinfast Klara, put the product in the cart and make payment
       Step 3: Choose the form of "payment by international payment card" or "0% installments payment"
       Step 4: Enter the Mastercard information and verify the payment.
       Step 5: Within 24 working days of successful payment, Adayroi will send the confirmation SMS or call.
       Step 6: Within 3 working days from the date of handing over the car, VinID points will be added to the account of customers (customers check the VinID points through Adayroi account or VinID App). For any questions please contact
Hotline: 1900 1901

    -    Promotion cannot be replaced with any other products or exchanged for cash.
    -    The Promotion only applies for retail customers. Adayroi reserves the right to refuse the aplication of the Promotion to any purchase which appears or is proven to be made by traders.
    -    Purchases at Adayroi will be subject to terms and conditions of Adayroi. All matters related to the Offer on Adayroi, please contact Adayroi for consultant. Other matters relate to Promotion, please contact for resolving.
         Hotline Adayroi: 1900 1901 hoặc email: cskh@adayroi.com
5.    In case of any dispute related to this Promotion, Adayroi and Mastercard shall resolve disputes in co-operation with the customer. If the parties fail to reach an agreement, disputes will be resolved in accordance with Vietnamese laws.
6.    These Terms and Conditions can be amended at any time by Adayroi and Mastercard. After completing necessary procedures as required by law, the adjustment will be updated on Adayroi before applied date. 

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